As soon as I Was a Rooster, Now I’m a Feather Duster

When I established out on my 1st adventure pulling a 2.5 tonne caravan driving my shiny new, Toyota Prado 4 Wheel Drive, I knew Jack about caravans. I’d just picked it up – all 7 metres of it – at a Geelong revenue property.

It was raining seriously. Dressed in my common shorts, polo shirt, great quality thongs, putting on my Canadian Tilley hat, my Tag-Heuer diving check out, and normal favourable outlook, I held an umbrella in excess of the head of an worker who patiently showed me how to hitch the caravan to the Prado. He was presently saturated, but I felt as nevertheless I really should at least be making an hard work to retain him dry.

On the drive to a caravan park only 5 or 6 kilometres away, I struggled by means of major Friday afternoon targeted visitors, travelled over a bridge undergoing a revamp that appeared far too slim for my caravan but ultimately obtained to the caravan park in just one piece. I experienced considered I need to have shown a big sign that mentioned, “Warning. Beginner towing Caravan”.

Destiny and superior driving retained me in excellent stead. All I experienced to do now was to survive 8 weeks driving around the beautiful state of Victoria. With my caravan range plate exhibiting the byline, “Victoria, the location to be”, it appeared like I had created the ideal preference. Not as much to travel from my dwelling at Alice Springs if the new caravan endured a guarantee difficulty.

By the conclusion of the eight weeks, I experienced resolved there are two key kinds of men and women a person fulfills in caravan parks, the particular person:

  1. who can’t aid himself (generally gentlemen) from telling you how a great deal superior all the gear they have on their caravan is than yours
  2. who has retired from the workforce but who simply cannot forged off the idea of how pretty critical he had been before retirement. He was once a Rooster, but now is just a feather duster

1 of the first areas I stopped, I overlook where by it was now, we experienced no quicker parked our van and this fellow turned up wearing what we referred to as a “giggle hat” in the army, additional usually known as a bucket hat. Nicely, he experienced to notify me that he had the xyz style widget for his van and had noticed that I had the inferior zyx widget on mine. It was just what I desired to hear a couple of days following shelling out $50 odd thousand for a caravan.

Following, it was the abc widget – I need to have gotten 1 of these. So it went on right until I ultimately advised him that I had to established up my caravan – which need to have been evident to any 10 12 months aged – and he still left us alone. Experienced he not, I most likely would have dealt with him in an uncharacteristically impolite method.

A handful of days later on I achieved the guy who had been so important, if I experienced lived in Perth, I most likely would have listened to of him. He had to explain to me how he experienced been the Chief Government Officer of 1 of Australia’s greatest IT businesses. He also had a one engine plane he had purchased in a package from the United states and assembled all by himself. He also experienced to inform me about his pricey Breitling pilot’s enjoy.

He seemed like a good individual so I did not have the heart to explain to him I did not give a brass razoo what he had been. I did not notify him about my selection of tertiary skills and that I had been a major shot in an educational establishment, a senior public servant in not a person, but two governments. To me, all that is now meaningless, just a indicates of surviving for 50 odd yrs.

I am just a retiree who enjoys not currently being everything but a greying nomad who receives up each working day and decides what he desires to do to fill in what several hours he has remaining. It is really a fantastic stage of life and permits one to journey thoroughly. Finish liberty. Living the dream!

Now when I satisfy these kinds, I merely enable them rabbit on right up until they run out of one thing to say. If they request me what I did right before I retired, I convey to them the real truth: I worked at a substantial safety facility 25 km west of Alice Springs and my occupation was so mystery even I did not know what I was carrying out. That usually shuts them up.

I am happy to be a feather duster.