Rissoles Recipe – Mouth Watering Indonesian Roll Snacks With Chicken Ragout

Making Rissoles is one of my favourite activities, because I made it every single morning when I was young.

When I was a little young girl, at the edge of 14 years old, I often woke up in the early morning, at 1 am to make this appetizer, and to sell them in the morning, to make a living.

We weren’t rich, so we had to work hard to make a living. That time was probably the most learning time of my cooking style, and I am very glad that I’ve learned this skill, with great thanks to my mom.

Try this delicious rissoles recipe, I’m sure you will find it delicious.

Ingredients for the filling :
1/2 kilogram chicken filet or chicken breast, rub with vinegar or lemon juice and wash with clean water
1 kilogram carrot, cube into small pieces
500 gram mushroom, cut into the same form as the carrot
1 liter Milk
1 cup chopped celery
1 big bowl wheat flour, mix with milk until you gets a fluent mixture
2 teaspoon bouillon powder
2 onions, chopped
3 teaspoon nutmeg powder

How to make the filling :
Cook the chicken filet in the boiled water until the chicken is tender. Remove. And shredded the chicken and cut into little pieces. Try to make very small pieces chicken, not too big. It makes the rissoles tastier if you won’t find such big pieces of chicken. Set aside.

Heat 3 tablespoon vegetable oil in a big pan, add the chopped onion, and stir it until fragrant. Add the shredded chicken and the bouillon water from the chicken. Let them boiled.

Add the carrots and the mushroom. Let them cooked until the carrot is tender. Add sugar, salt, nutmeg powder, and chopped celery. Taste it. Add more ingredients to your taste. The taste has to be savoury and a little bit sweet.

Add some milk, let them cooked until boiled. And add the mixture of the flour, keep stir it until the mixture well blended. You have to be fast with the last action, or you get the bad mixture. It’s the best way if someone else pours the flour mixture, while you stir the boiled mixture. It’s not really easy to pour the flour mixture and stir the filling at the same time to get the best and good blended mixture. Make the mixture a little bit solid so that you don’t get trouble to put it in the rissoles sheets. Set aside.

The ingredients for the sheets :
2 kilogram wheat flour
4 litter thin coconut milk
Salt to taste
6 eggs

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl, the mix has to be a thin not too thick like a pancake mix, or else the sheets would be too thick and it’s more difficult to fold and it’s not too really tasty.

Take a pan for the pancake, smear it with oil, and make a sheet like a pancake sheets, and put it on the plate that you have already oil it, turn the sheets on and fill it right away with the filling. Don’t wait until cold, it’s the most efficient and the fastest way to work.

Do this until the mix completely gone. If you’re done, dipping the rissoles one by one into the chopped eggs and then roll into the bread crumbs.

And baked them in the hot oil. Ready to serve.

The ingredients for the dipping:
3 eggs, chopped
3 plates bread crumbs

For 90 pieces.

This recipe is a little bit too much if you want make it in small quantity. Just fit the quantity into your needs.

Make it in a good quantity, like 50 pieces if you have time. Put it into freezer. Use good freezer container so that the rissoles don’t stick to each other. Use plastic foil in between so that it’s easier for you to pull out the rissoles one by one from the container if you need it.