Thanjavur – Town of Ancient Art, Literature and Temples

Thanjavur (or Tanjaur) in Tamil Nadu was once the cash of mighty Cholas. It is reported that the kingdom was so fertile that elephants employed to thrash paddy listed here. To this day, one can see stately historical buildings and their ruins on virtually each and every road of the town. Tamil Nadu is regarded for nurturing literature, classical songs and arts for hundreds of several years. Thanjavur is not untouched by the sophistication, society and awareness that Tamilians are so proud of. Thanjavur paintings use semi-cherished stones and gold foil to develop deities in a type one of a kind to the area. Since authentic antique Tanjore paintings are incredibly unusual, you will come across only more recent ones (most likely with antique finish) in the marketplace.

Thanjavur is also famous for its Tanjore plates – brass places with silver inlay perform, Indian musical instrument recognized as Veena, and colourful papier mache dolls known as Thanjavur thalayatti bommais which nod their heads like Bharatanatyam dancers. There is an interesting tale about how the metropolis of Thanjavur originated. It is considered that Lord Vishnu slew a demon or asur named Thanjan on the banking companies of River Cauvery. Just right before dying, Thanjan prayed to Lord Vishnu that a beautiful and great city named following him rise on the location of his demise and his would like was granted. Thus, Thanjanasur (which afterwards grew to become Thanjavur) arrived into remaining.

Nevertheless some of the temple web sites claim to be thousands of decades old, the earliest of the current structures date again to 7th century CE. Household to some of the world’s very best temple architecture, Thanjavur has as a lot of as 24 historic temples that are well worth a pay a visit to. On the other hand, a few most celebrated and revered temples at Thanjavur are:

o Brihadeesvara Temple: Focused to Lord Shiva, the name of the temple actually usually means ‘Big’. The massive temple precincts have an massive entrance arch and are surrounded by a moat that appears to be like awe-inspiring. The grand temple does not have loud coloured frescoes and has been purposefully presented a sandstone-colour finish to hold it unobtrusive and reduced essential. The 13-tiered entrance tower to the sanctum carries a one block of granite stone weighing 80 tonnes on its major. Other noteworthy options right here consist of a 4-mile very long ramp that was built to established the cupola in such a way that its shadow hardly ever falls on the floor the 12-foot tall monolithic idol of Nandi and a 12 ft substantial lingam with a circumference of 54 ft. The wonderful frescoes of the shrine of Goddess Brihan Nayaki the cave-like temple of Saint Karuvurar and the Murugan shrine designed like a chariot are a should-see at this temple.
o Bangaru Kamakshi Amman Temple: 2 kms from the Big Temple, this temple of Goddess Bangaru Kamakshi has an idol produced in genuine gold, which is thought to have been brought right here from Kanchipuram for the duration of Muslim invasion.
o Mariamman Temple: Goddess Mariamman, a manifestation of Mom Goddess, is believed to have curative and healing powers. Even though the temple was constructed in the 18th century, the goddess was worshipped below in the kind of an anthill given that periods immemorial. Descendants of the royal loved ones of Thanjavur preserve the temple to this working day. Devotees believe that that goddess presents aid from measles, rooster pox and skin sores and that drops of dampness look on the encounter and head of the idol from time to time.

Apart from temples, Thanjavur has some wonderful architectural specimens at the Sivaganga Fort these kinds of as the 18th century Schwartz Church and the Royal Palace. The Rajaraja Museum and the Art Gallery are recognized for their rich assortment of Chola bronzes and stone sculptures while the Saraswati Mahal Library in the palace sophisticated has a substantial collection of exceptional manuscripts. You can also see panoramic views of the city from the ornamental balconies of the 6-storey Sharajah Madi and the largest cannon in India – Rajagopala Beerangi – at the fort.