The Myths and Superstitions of Siquijor Island

Indulging in superstitious beliefs is common between Filipinos. They have panic with the Supernatural beings, in particular all those that issue with malign magic, sorcery, and witchcraft. Some of us, me incorporated, are excessively credulous, disposed to imagine on really tiny evidence. Even in the absence of points, we are unbelievably quick in believing or receiving dim propositions as legitimate.

Siquijor Island is just one where by there are tales or reviews circulating about unsure or doubtful truths. I have heard all the things about the myths like, a amount of consequences will transpire to an unique as a outcome of “barang” or “pactol” (translated as malign magic or sorcery or evil witchcraft) which is finished by an individual possessing magical expertise, and which are mainly evil in nature and its results are malevolent.

I had a chance to check out the island final week when typhoon “Senyang” was there way too. I was with my wife or husband and young ones. Their families and in-regulations arrived way too. They ended up hesitant to come at first because of this broadly held, but unjustified belief in supernatural causation. However, I experienced correctly lured them with the gorgeous web sites that they are heading to see, the clean air that is not felt in the metropolitan areas,, the interesting green leaves of previous trees… they could not manage to say no… they finally travelled with me.

And so we roamed all around Siquijor. We recognized everyone were being so respectful and naive. But we have noticed also, that some trees, like the “Balite” trees, appeared incredibly outdated and enchanted. Some roads heading up the mountains are deprived of electric power. Without having the motor vehicle, we would not dare go about. The absence of avenue lights in the course of the night time would give a person that rigorous sensation of worry, as you see the darkish evening engulfing your shadows.

But there have been no symptoms of Supernatural beings wandering close to the trees and mountains, and in each put that we experienced been. There were no monstrous appearance of men and women we satisfied on the streets. There ended up no symptoms of monsters or witches capable of doing harm to us.The island was totally tranquil and beautiful.

I have occur to conclude, after a number of days of keep in the island, that this irrational and unfounded perception might have arisen out of concern and ignorance. This can be removed if we acquire the pains of educating them,individuals who stay significantly from people able of enlightening folks, and we can carry the amenities to their spots. This hard work will give them a likelihood to acquire systematic instructions and learnings that they have been deprived of.